All Dashboards for Cerbera, Griffith & Chimaera

We have all the different profiles for the Griffith and Chimaera variants


We can modify the cutting profile to suit extra lights, gauges or switches.

All extra gauges are located to minimize obscuration from the steering wheel.


Please order via email adding what TVR you have and its year.

We can also design and cut unique customer installations for any car at competitive prices.


Available profiles for cutting

Cerbera Dashboard   Early Chimaera dash cut with CA gauges

Standard Griffith Dash


late Chimaera Dash with CA gauges


Griffith Dash with two extra gauges and omex shift lights


Chimaera dash with three extra gauges and omex shift lights


Material Choices

Material Price Image

Plain steel


Image not really required

Brushed Stainless steel


Brushed SS

Brushed Satin Black Stainless Steel


Satin black

Circle Polish


turned aluminium

Re-Veneer of existing dash


New Veneered dashboard




1996 TVR Chimaera with a brushed stainless dashboard cut with two extra gauges for boost and AFR


1998 Chimaera with the circle polish stainless steel

(in this installtion the clock was replaced with an AFR gauge)


Satin Black dashboard installed in a 1996 TVR Chimaera with Caerbont gauges