BEGI Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulators

Aftermarket Turbo and Supercharger


When you need extra fuel flow through your injectors, the BEGi family of fuel pressure regulators are an ideal alternative to expensive ECU modifications for normally aspirated and turbo or supercharged fuel injection applications. Whether you need to richen up the mixture to accommodate exhaust and intake modifications on your normally aspirated engine or you need extra fuel only under boost on your factory or aftermarket turbo or supercharger system, the BEGi family of fuel pressure regulators can deliver the additional fuel while saving your ECU and wiring harness from possibly warranty voiding damage. Includes Fittings and Mounting Bracket.

The BEGi rising rate fuel pressure regulators (FPRs), also referred to as fuel management units, are designed specifically to provide additional fuel to EFI engines, whether normally aspirated (N/A) or pressure fed with turbos or superchargers. This is accomplished by using the manifold vacuum/pressure to drive the fuel pressure up as the boost rises, or with the N/A engines, as the vacuum goes toward atmospheric.

We introduced the rising rate fuel pressure regulator to the market over 20 years ago and we’ve been improving on that original design ever since. Why is the BEGi unit the best on the market? Billet manufacture, improved valve design, and fewer parts with the integrated accessory design. Further, we’ve increased the span of adjustment for broader rates of gain. Even the onset of gain is adjustable! No other regulator provides the onset adjustment. We also offer all regulators in a billet aluminum finish.

Models Rising Rate Regulators The BEGi standard rising-rate regulators are designed to increase fuel pressure and fuel flow in a fuel injection system by augmenting the factory fuel pressure regulator. These regulators must be used in conjunction with a factory regulator, which provides the base fuel pressure (the fuel pressure at fuel rail during idle conditions). Our Multi Role line of regulators are designed as stand alone systems and eliminate the need for a factory regulator.

BEGi has updates the valve design will provide a virtually indestructible regulator. It also creates a much more stable fuel pressure curve, and to top it off it eliminates the occasional various noises.

The new design allows adjustment for increased fuel pressure range, at the onset of that increase, thus providing stable pressure under the most demanding of conditions. The new regulator design has been tested to 450 psi, without failure or calibration changes. BEGi will be updating all the FMU'S with the new valve design. The new valve design will begin shipping immediately.

This FMU comes with an "L" shaped mounting bracket!

£250, 6.50 for delivery + VAT