TVR OEM Griffith & Chimaera Wishbones

Our wishbones are approved by TVR for direct supply to dealers

The wishbones are manufactured to a high standard using superior steel grades to the metal originally specified. This was carried out to ensure improved corrosion resistance to water and salt .

Correct fitment is assured as our jigs were generated from original drawings and information supplied by TVR, the original jigs also being loaned to us for fitment check and evaluation.

Each wishbone is fabricated, shot blasted and powder coated to TVR specifications.
When developing these wishbones , thought was given to improving the overall strength of the front lower wishbone to accept the higher loads generated by increased spring rates when fitting up-rated shock absorber and spring sets.  Higher spring loads generate more stress within the part and reduce resistance to corrosion.

The hub mounting area of our lower wishbone has been strengthened using a single piece formed reinforcement , this encapsulating the hub mounting area and strengthening the part, this single encapsulation reinforcement replacing 3 tvr wishbone steel parts. 

The resulting  benefit  is improved overall strength promoting longer life and able to accept higher spring rates, reduced welding to minimise high stress areas caused by the welding process. These modifications were carried out without increasing the overall weight of the component. 

Our improved wishbone design was approved by TVR for original part supply.

To comply with TVR demands it was important not to change the overall crash characteristics of the components in order to prevent secondary damage to the chassis in the event of an accident, as damage to the chassis would increase the risk of an insuring company writing the car off due to higher repair costs.

Wishbone price list, includes delivery





Not available


Not available


Not available


Not available

Complete Front Wishbone Set with FREE Bushes & washers fitted

including Delivery:




Complete Front Wishbone Set with FREE bushes & washers not fitted

including Delivery:




Wishbone Bushes

Delivery charged at £4.50 for one to four, £6.50 for five onwards

Standard TVR Bush for all models



Rear upper wishbone bush


Not available

Self lubricating nylon thrust washers

Price £12 for the front OR rear sets, full set £19.20

Postage £2.50

Front wishbone set


Rear wishbone set


Full wishbone set


Rear Wishbone anti-roll bar bracket

Replacement anti roll bar bracket for rear wishbone on Chimaera & Griffith. Produced from high quality steel, 25% thicker than the standard part

£21.50 inc delivery


Caster Spacers to reduce steering effort

The Caster angle is set to induce an acceptable steering weight and provide self centering of the steering, this being important when running at high speed in a straight line or exiting a corner, the overall affect being defined as steering feel.


When changing wheel and /or tyre size, this can have a negative affect with increased steering loads, especially noticed when parking.


Our Castor Spacers allow the Caster angle to be reduced marginally generating lower steering loads with no noticeable loss of the self the centering function.

The steel Castor Spacers are easy to fit and replace the single OEM spacer.

£18 including delivery

Not available